As young hunters, those were the rifles we aspired to own as soon as our apprenticeship time was up working with the hand-me-down lever actions. Like 3/8 to 5/8 of and inch accuracy for three shots. The two-stage trigger allows for perfect control and a clean break. Minuteman. This month we chose one of the most popular requests, the AR-15 varmint/predator rifle. Remington 700 accuracy international AX chassis package. We should all get a little more practice shooting off our weak shoulder. As a result, we went underground. Several of our bolt-action shooters didnt have an issue with the Stags weight, since they lugged guns heavier than our test model. This attention to accuracy is especially evident in Rock Rivers new model, the Advanced Tactical Hunter V2 (ATH V2). He had nothing but respect for those Rock River rifles. Leading the charge is RRAs Operator muzzle brake. Wigbolt Ripperda, governor of Haarlem at the time of the spanish siege, inspired the people of Haarlem to resist the spanish. The hammer in Rock Rivers trigger moves most of the mass to a location much closer to the trigger pin. Given that the .350 Legend cartridge is intended for hunting applications out to 250 yards, the LAR-15M is ideally suited to the task. We spent the better part of two days recording data in what Bass Pro employees affectionately call the Dungeon. Our time there also allowed us to schedule testers to come in and fire away, including a young lady who broke away from her teachers job to school us, by posting the second best group of 0.49 inch in our tests. This makes them some of the most durable and reliable AR-15s on the market. Sadly, Nguyen was killed in action in Iraq later that year, so the rifle is particularly special to me and will always remain in my possession. RRA offers two AR-platform rifles chambered in .350 Legendblack phosphate or stainless-steel barrels. According to Rock River Arms, the FBI has used their rifles in the past. Rock River started this trend long before it became mainstream. This process alone will add another $30 to $50 dollars to the $1325 price tag. They also like the companys commitment to customer service. This means that they will fit with most other AR-15 parts on the market. Classic Browning Light Twelve Auto-5 Review: Busting Clays With the Old Humpback Shotgun. Customer experience was, and still is, the primary focus, a key to the firms longevity and success. Overall, Rock River Arms is a good brand that makes high quality AR-15s. After mounting the scopes, each gun was given a good general cleaning, carefully lubricated, trigger pull weights checked on a digital gauge, and then it was off to the range. Winchesters data reveals the .350 Legends felt recoil to be more than half that of the .450 Bushmaster. The monolithic receivers and . I like shooting rifles its fun and its challenging but I certainly dont feel as though Im capable of producing the level of accuracy todays precision rifles are capable of delivering. After our article on "Compact AR Carbines" (October 2007) and a related article on "AR-15 Adjustable Stocks" (March 2008), some of you warned us that we had . My ultimate conclusion is that the Rock River Arms BT-3 is a winner for both novice and experienced precision shooters, though I would change a couple of the accessories. After seven months Haarlem did not . Rock River Arms guarantees one-m.o.a. Ruger's multi-role small frame autoloading rifle - Sear - combines AR-10 power with AR-15 Portability. K-Mart Classics: Remingtons Nylon Rimfires Engineered To Last. Winchester touts the .350 Legend as, The Worlds fastest straight-wall hunting cartridge, with energy exceeding that of the .30-30 Win, .300 BLK, and .223 Rem and 20% more penetration than the .243 Win. Many people believe that Rock River Arms is worth the money because of the quality of their products. Rock River Arms is committed to the protection of your Second Amendment Rights and is a proud supporter of the ISRA, SAF, FPC, NSSF, and FFL-IL. We chose No. My best group this go-around was 1.443 inches. So got a brand new Rock River Arms Predator Pursuit in .223. Rock Rivers triggers not only have a lighter pull weight and crisper let-off, the hammer shape promotes excellent accuracy. In short, this means rifle-makers need to adapt, and one company taking that step is Rock River Arms (RRA) with its LAR-15 Operator III in 5.56mm NATO. Rock River Arms is considered to be high end because of the materials they use and the quality of their products. pullStock: black synthetic fixed Rock River Arms A2 Operator; length of pull, 14"; drop at heel, 1/2"; drop at comb, 1/2"Overall Length: 42" Weight: 10 lbs., 3 ozs.Accessories: owners manual, one 20-round magazineSuggested Retail Price: $1,720. AR-10-style rifles, the Rock River Arms LAR-8 stands alone. How does a company that makes AR-15 platforms stand out in a market thats flooded with product? These guns can quickly become complex, so I greatly appreciated the furniture being so user-friendly. The bolt remains open after the last round is fired, but the shooter releases it by hitting the traditional bolt-release lever or tugging backward on the side-cocking module. That is amazingly accurate, and far more accurate than most people are capable of shooting a handgun. Here's what it's like to shoot this classic scattergun. One of the challenges of introducing an all-new cartridge is getting rifle manufacturers to chamber for the new round. Anyway, I was lucky to have someone I could turn to for information. SCCY DVG-1 Sub-Compact Striker-Fired Pistol: Full Review, .505 Gibbs Rifle Brass 'H H' Headstamp: Maker and Quality Info Sought, SIG Sauer P322 .22 Rimfire Pistol: Full Review, How to Choose the Best Scope Reticle for Your Application, Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Optic-Ready Autoloading Shotgun: First Look, Shadow Systems Full-Size DR920P and Subcompact CR920 Handguns: Full Review, Instructional Tools for Modern Sight Alignment Training, Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56 NATO Bullpup Rifle: Tested. Contrary to what youll find on the internet, most rifles are not capable of this kind of performance with factory ammunition. The published bullet diameter for the .350 Legend is .357 inches. In lieu of the standard charging handle, the side-cocking module replaces the bolt cover and fits into the side of the gun by machining away the brass deflector. The barrel and trigger are certainly the two greatest contributors to the V2s accuracy, but Rock River gets the small things right that most others miss. Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the May issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. And I know that he also respects my knowledge about other guns, meaning that I didnt feel like some kind of idiot by asking him to give me a run-down on basic ARs some time back. The 18-inch barrel that Rock River chose to install has a 1:8-inch twist and features a mid-length gas system. Rock River Arms is considered to be one of the most reliable AR-15 manufacturers because of the materials they use and the quality of their products. 2023 Outdoor Sportsman Group. There will probably be a slew of hunters this year who end up walking out of their go-to sporting goods retailer with empty hands and long faces because their standard ammo is not to be had. Your prediction proved true, as we were besieged with other requests to visit additional limbs on the AR family tree: New caliber performance match-ups, more accessories testing, and national-match gun comparisons were just a few of the suggestions that popped up. . I wanted to do this as by the book as possible, so waiting for calm winds was my only option. However, I always thought they were a good platform, but I was more than a bit intimidated by the myriad options, terms and manufacturers. However, the standard selector lever can be a struggle when a right-handed shooter moves the rifle to the left shoulder and tries to work the selector with the index finger. In addition, Rock River Arms uses only the highest quality components in their rifles, which results in a firearm that is accurate and reliable. If you a, Those who need an easily managed carry pistol without sacrificing ergonomics and performan, With the new Veracity PH, guessing holdover, doing math, or running DOPE cards are no more, Burris Optics caters to Precision Rifle competitors with a made-in-the-USA riflescope buil, Youve invested a lot in your guns, now invest in making yourself a better shooter by Brad, TESTED: Rock River Arms LAR-15M .350 Legend, Straight-wall rifle cartridges are getting big play in hunting circles this year, and Rock River Arms has delivered an AR-platform chambered for this exciting new round, Premier Body Armor Releases Full Line of Vertx-Compatible Armor, Smith & Wesson Releases New 9mm Pistol Carbine: Introducing the M&P FPC, AR-platform rifles chambered in .350 Legend, Hornady American Whitetail, 170-gr. If youre looking for a reliable AR-15 manufacturer, Rock River Arms is definitely worth considering. The dimensions of the barrel extension are different, and the bolt carrier and charging handle are both longer. The Magpul PRS Stock is one of the best stocks in the market for any precision rifle build; it was easy to set up and, after being set up, nothing moves and it retains its settings after a long day of shooting. I use the term "good" loosely because it really is subjective. This one was the same. Its balance and weight will suit both the bench blaster and the predator hunter. In the time since it reacquired the rights to the BAR-10/LAR-8, Rock River replaced the original charging handle with a more common design and refined the extractor for better performance. Oh, you want more? . We knew from the moment we hoisted this bad boy out of its case where Stag Arms had invested its money. The majority of Rock River Arms parts are mil-spec, including the receivers, barrels, handguards, and more. When I dress Western, nothing beats the classic good looks of my Smith & Wesson (S&W) 586 .357 revolver. The Coyote is available in a 16-inch barrel "carbine" model or 20-inch "rifle" model, but I chose the Coyote Carbine because it's easier to wield in the woods. Now for 2022, the company ups the game for hunters with the introduction of the All-Terrain Hunter (ATH), a mid-length rifle that stands tall in the field of AR-platform hunting rifles. The rest of the ATH V2 compliments the barrel work. The Judge has been promoted! There, review done. Get offers and news!! As a result, Rock River rifles enjoy significantly improved reliability with all types of 5.56mm ammunition. Accurate to 1 MOA, or about one-inch at 100 yards. Smith & Wesson Model 586: Reviewing A .357 Revolver With Class. But the best feature is the way it eliminates the gap normally found where the grips frontstrap meets the triggerguard. As for recoil, the .350 Legend cannot help but to be compared to its more famous straight-wall cartridge bruiser, the .450 Bushmaster. They've been producing 5.56mm and 7.62mm models since the beginning of their AR-15 manufacturing, and that's pretty standard. Each company has its own strengths and weaknesses. Rock River Arms originally designed and patented the system back in 2005. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once the rifle is fitted, the barrel is lapped and additional touches made to ensure superior workmanship, accuracy and quality set all Rock River apart from other AR-15 manufacturers. The first three shots with Remington 168-grain BTHP factory ammunition at 25 yards showed that I was 3 inches low and 1 inch to the right. Subscriber Services. At each temperature step, Rock River will let the barrels soak at that temp for a specific period of time. Shot it for the first time today. models. Joe Kurtenbach, Executive Editor of Gun & Ammo, and John Myles from Smith & Wesson discuss features of the Equalizer 9mm micro-compact pistol and new-for-2023 M&P 5.7. So, this rifle is as good as any. Rock River Arms (RRA) has a terrific reputation for turning out top-notch AR-15s and AR-10s chambered for a wide selection of cartridges, including the standard 5.56/.223, .204 Ruger, 7.62x39, 6.8 SPC, and the .458 SOCOM, a real thumper, if there ever was one. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. The results: Federal Non-Typical, 180-gr. This rifle is fed by a 10-round AICS-pattern detachable box magazine. JavaScript is disabled. I settled in on a steady concrete bench and set up my Caldwell The Rock rest. The Rock River Arms BT-3 is a .308 modern sporting rifle, featuring Rock River Arms billet upper and lower receivers, fluted 20-inch cryogenically treated stainless-steel barrel, Rock River Arms .308 A2 flash hider, Magpul PRS stock, Hogue rubber over-molded grip, new lightweight M-LOK compatible 17-inch aluminum floated handguard with MS1913 top However, on this rare occasion, I had some first hand experience with the question offered. All of these options bring the gun to a wallet-emptying $1994 retail price. twist, stainless steelOverall Length: 36.5 in.Weight: 7 lbs., 14 oz.Stock: Rock River Operator A2Grip: Ergo SuregripLength of Pull: 13.5 in.Finish: Type III, hard coat, anodizedTrigger: RRA MatchSights: Adjustable, flip-upSafety: Selector, two positionMSRP: $1,370Manufacturer: Rock River Arms,309-792-5780, Having shot both cartridges in AR platform rifles, we must agree. It's absolutely sufficient for . The RRA's have had a very good reputation for high quality products at a good price. We quickly found that choosing four guns to test wasnt going to be easy. The Rock River A4 won some points from us when we uncrated it to find a blue plastic breakdown case with foam storage areas for extras, like scopes. Rock River Arms produces some of the most reliable and durable AR-15s on the market today. It weighs 10.2 pounds empty and is 43.5 inches long. Get a fairly basic model as an introduction and rest assured that when you want to geek-out later, youll be starting with a quality platform. If youre already among the AR-cognoscenti then you probably already know general information about Rock River Arms and their line of LAR-15 rifles in particular. We didnt have any problems with the gun operating at all, but I didnt expect any. The ATH V2 will continue that proud tradition. Winchester seized this opportunity to develop an entirely new cartridge that would fall within these parameters while utilizing manufacturing efficiencies to keep production costs down. The company made its humble start in 1963in Gussago, Italywhen Giuseppe Pietta made a commitment to produce guns as authentic and true-to-original as possible. Our testers felt that the gun had the versatility to shoot prairie dogs off of a rest, but was light enough to tote through mesquite thickets in search of coyotes. Last but certainly not least, the trigger was the most impressive part of this rifle. His best 100-yard group was .38 inch. Epic 22 Pocket Pistol: The Beretta 71 Jaguar. It also included an optional scout rail to raise the scope height, but we found it unnecessary with the LaRue mounts. They offer a variety of barrel lengths and profiles to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The match grade trigger (what RRA calls their two-stage) was very smooth and crisp. Rock River Arms, Olympic Arms, MGI and Del-Ton (upper only). The barrels on all the RBGs are from Wilson Combat and are stainless steel and air-gauged for precision. My first task was to get acquainted with the rifle. So got a brand new Rock River Arms Predator Pursuit in .223. He pointed out how good the Rock River trigger was, so Ive had it in that rifle ever since. Firearms dont get much more iconic than John Moses Brownings legendary Auto-5 semi-auto shotgun, affectionately called the Humpback for its distinctive drop at the rear of the receiver. In the hands of a skilled rifle shooter, the groups from this rifle will shrink dramatically. Most of our testers were competitive shooters, and they were very picky about what they liked, and didnt, on the gunsexactly what we wanted. Even though Ive worked with lots of two-stage triggers in the past, this one was about the best Ive had the pleasure of shooting. So, if youre looking for a cheap AR-15, Rock River Arms probably isnt the best option. In comparison, the standard AR trigger has most of its mass as far away as possible from the pin about which it rotates. Sights: folding front post attached to the gas block, Picatinny rail for attaching opticsTrigger: two-stage; 4-lb., 4-oz. AR1700.V1 Sale LAR-15M R3 Competition Starting at: $1,525.00. Nice. The overmold means minimal hand-slip when wearing gloves, and it makes the A2 grip more comfortable when shooting bare-handed. Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 About the only thing someone might complain about is having to wait for a few weeks to get a custom gun they order from RRA. Their AR-15s are made with forged aluminum receivers, chrome lined barrels, and MIL-SPEC parts. Rob has a troublesome habit of pulling guns and things apart to see how they work; occasionally, he manages to get them back together With its plug-n-play simplicity, environmentally adaptive technology, and low-profile desi. The Rock River Arms X-Series LAR-6.8 AR-15 is specifically designed for this bigger brother to the 5.56 NATO. Rock River seems to understand the hunter when they put together this gun. The fluted stainless-steel barrel pretty much proves that you dont need a bull barrel to achieve precision on a rifle. Are Rock River Arms worth the money? Although it appears to be just an AR clone, few parts are interchangeable. The RRA LAR-15 is a quality gun, in just about any configuration you can come up with. Additionally, RRA offers a lifetime warranty on their rifles. Even the two lefties in were impressed with this feature. When I formed my frame of reference for hunting rifles in the early 1980s, there was something of a generational overlap going on. Our mission is to provide readers with compelling content that is both relevant and valuable to the modern outdoorsman/shooter. Rock Rivers trigger has a lighter 3-pound pull weight and a very crisp let-off. The Varmint Special included a standard A2 stock with a trapdoor, and added two half-inch scope riser mounts attached to the receivers front Picatinny rail. If you are looking for a high-quality AR-15, then Rock River Arms is a great option. Fortunately, our established test protocols took care of this requirement on their own. The LAR-8 Standard Operator, reviewed here, also incorporates a number of ergonomic improvements, including an ambidextrous bolt stop and magazine release. SIG Sauer P322 Rimfire Pistol: First Look, Non-Lethal Personal & Home Defense with Byrna, Range Tested: EAA Girsan Pistols & Shotguns, New for 2023: Christensen Arms Modern Hunting Rifle (MHR), New for 2023: All-American RIA 5.0 Sporting Pistol, New for 2023: FN Rush 9Ti Pistol Suppressor, New Big Bore Pistols for 2023: FN 510 Tactical and FN 545 Tactical, New for 2023: FN SCAR 15P Rifle Caliber Pistol, First Look: Taurus Raging Hunter 460 Magnum Revolver With 10.5-Inch Barrel, New-for-2023 Taurus Judge Executive Grade 410/.45 Colt Revolver, Smith & Wesson Equalizer and the Brand New M&P 5.7 Pistol. The Rock River Varmint A4 sported a heavy bull 416SS air-gauged barrel, but it was only 20 inches in length. . The safety lever, on the other hand, while not ambidextrous, has a raised dome on the tail that makes it easier to manipulate. Less obvious and more vexing, the FAL wont work with an AR-10-style bolt stop. At 100 yards, my groups were a bit to the right, but I was just looking for groups so I didnt touch the scope. Dependable. He has also authored and co-authored several DIY gun building books. When it comes to comparing Rock River Arms to other manufacturers, there is no clear winner. This will cause the occasional flyer when shooting groups because the other end of that gas tube is attached directly to the barrel. The author grouped and chronographed Black Hills' 77-grain 5.56 OTM ammo with impressive results. There is a reason almost all of the so-called match triggers available today have a hammer shape very similar to the one found on this Rock River. Using several surplus FN-FAL magazines as well as the one provided with the rifle, there were no failures to feed. OK, I wanted a scope that would make me look good and the Tango6 certainly didnt fail me in that regard. Second is the bolt stop lever located between the magazine well and the trigger guard. Velocity is the average of 10 shots recorded by a Shooting Chrony chronograph 10 feet from the muzzle. And if youve ever waded into some of the online forums devoted to things-AR, you know just how bewildering it all can be. The shorter stainless barrel gave us better balance in the heavy barrel category, allowing us to shoot off-hand with reasonable accuracy. The company says on their website that most orders for built guns will take 60 to 90 days. For testing, we fitted the rifle with a Leupold 1.1-8X 24 mm CQBSS using steel 34 mm rings. soft point; 5-shot string #1, Federal Non-Typical, 180-gr. Rock River Arms also offers a lifetime warranty on their products, which is another reason why they are considered to be high end. The included magazine, which is specific to the .350 Legend, boasts a 10-round capacity. Although Ive shot a few, I didnt really know much about them until a couple of years ago. The muzzle is threaded 1/2-28 and comes with an A2 flash-hider installed. But that was the point: Im a proficient pistol shooter and, as a professional firearms photographer, I know guns as well as anyone. Accuracy: 1 MOA @ 100 yards Included: One magazine, RRA Case, Manual, Warranty MSRP: $1,480 No matter what load we tried, it lagged behind the guns in our test. I shot this rifle within my skill level, and I think I shot it well. Some reviewers have had negative experiences, but this is rare. Shoot On Editor-in-Chief Rob Reaser is a lifelong outdoorsman, former magazine editor, columnist, and contributing editor to numerous national publications in the automotive and outdoor segments. Best precision/Varmint/3-Gun Bravo Company (BCM) 18 Upper Decent quality, accurate, soft shooting $780 at Rainier Arms Jump to Details Best Budget Short Barrel Option Palmetto State Armory 10.5 Wallet friendly, decently reliable $329 at Palmetto State Armory Jump to Details Best Lightweight Upper Faxon ION Upper Rock Rivers winter triggerguard solves this problem. When we took the Bushmaster to the range, some of positive feelings dissipated when bullets started flying downrange. The RRA ATH comes with an. About the only thing someone might complain about is having to wait for a few weeks to get a custom gun they order. Their AR-15s are made with forged aluminum receivers, chrome lined barrels, and MIL-SPEC parts. I didnt know I was capable of shooting like that, and especially not after a mere dozen rounds. Several have stepped up to the .350 Legend plate, and one of the most recent is Rock River Arms. This handle received mostly positive reviews, although our female tester found it a little too large. See below for more information. Feb 16, 2019 748 . Ive had this rest for more than 15 years and its still my favorite. Ammunition for the .350 Legend was available, but he couldnt find anything for his .270. The crosshairs bounce all over the place. Our testers said the Bushmaster was handsome and svelte at 8.84 pounds, due to its lighter-weight barrel, and a vented, free-floated forend that included a sling/bipod stud mounted. The choice of the FN-FAL magazine offers some nice ergonomic touches, such as the ambidextrous bolt stop and magazine release, but it also makes for a significantly longer, bulkier and heavier .308 Win. For true fans and students of the gun, we certainly live in a time when many among us may not fully appreciate the incredible diversity of firearms and ammunition at our disposal. Re: Reasonable Accuracy from LAR-15 Predator Pursuit, Re: Reasonable Accuracy from LAR-15 Predator Pursu, Would love to see paper from a RRPP shooting .5 groups at 400yds. Chris Johnson, FN Senior Product Manager, walks us through two new FN striker-fired pistols at SHOT Show 2023: the FN 510 Tactical, chambered in 10mm Auto, and the FN 545 Tactical, chambered in .45 ACP. Head to the range this week with American Rifleman staff as they discuss a trim little repeater from Savage Arms that comes chambered for the .22 WMR cartridge. Usually, there is about a -inch gap that will shred the knuckle of the shooters middle finger if they fire a couple hundred rounds (or more) in a day. Their rifles are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your investment will be protected. When the carrier key hits the gas tube, that disturbance travels down the tube and into the barrel. Since the freebore area only surrounds the bullet when a cartridge is chambered, variation in brass thickness causes no trouble. Users can access the storage compartment by depressing a button recessed into the ribbed rubber buttpad that slides it down and out of the way. He loved his Rock River rifle. The rifle I tested was chambered in .223 Wylde, meaning that it can shoot both .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm (NATO) ammunition. The reset on the trigger was smaller than I expected, so it allowed for very quick follow-up shots. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Keep in mind that, although I dont shoot a lot of long guns, Im a professional firearms photographer and I recognize quality and attention to detail when I see it. Rock River has also correctly set up the gas system where the rifle is neither under- or over-gassed. Rock River Arms uses barrels from a variety of manufacturers, including FN, Criterion, and Wilson. Our advicemake your decision and your move now. The 1:10-inch twist rate will stabilize both the 168- and 175-grain bullets used in long-range loads. The rear half of the fore-end is rounded and smooth for a comfortable hold, while the front half has four rails that provide plenty of space for mounting accessories.