It will NEVER happen. His pioneering work included the development of probes which when left in the path of a tornado, can measure pressure drops. - Toxicology results have revealed the cause of death of a well-known storm chaser. This storm changed track. This tornado was a once in a decade if not longer event that we have truly never seen anything like. Tornado watches tend to cover a larger area, and the lead time is much shorter. This, in turn, would require storm chasers to make their case that they are professionals that are doing something worthwhile, and that they take appropriate action related to their own safety and the safety of others. Smith said the storms 2.6-mile path besting a record set in 2004 in Hallam, Neb. I don't think anyone's rights need to be taken away Too many people clogging the roads in a chase situation makes it difficult for anyone to get away when a storm turns on them. Having a law about something means that society wants certain things to happen or not happen. One thing in your favor: Tornadoes do not have politically powerful, wealthy backing, so it should be easy to enact laws regulating how people enjoy them :-), "I suggest that law makers in tornado alley states consider legislation making it a violation to intentionally drive into or near the path of known or likely tornados. And we cannot "go to the sun" or other planets where it's abundant and "scoop it up and bring it back to earth". I dont think there has been a single case (correct me if im wrong) of external injury or property damage due to a chasers car getting picked up by a tornado. I would say to such folks the same thing a fire chief would say to people who are not trained, qualified, or equipped to study burning office buildings but feel that somehow being close to one would help them provide insights about fire safety: "Move along, you're not helping but just getting in the way here. We've received your submission. "We're trying to collect as many observations as possible, both from outside and from the inside. I was in Warr Acres, just next to Bethany in OKC on Fri. May 31. This probe registered a world-record 100-millibar drop in pressure inside the twister. It is not like the Tornadoes have a rule book that if we follow we are safe. When the amateur storm chasers descend upon the same area they create a real hazard for the professionals by blocking escape routes. National Geographic storm chaser Tim Samaras gave an interview on the day of his deathspeaking to National Geographic radio host Boyd Matson from the road on May 31 about his attempts to study . Were 20 of those people storm chasers? I've always been told never to try and outrun a tornado, it is one of the most dangerous things you can do. In fact, while writing this post I wondered what the three scientists were thinking as their car, and other cars, were hemmed in with a traffic jam that seems to have been caused by inappropriate reactions by a large number of people. This in the super rare category because we dont deal with things like this often.. I do find it sad that that few if any of your statements regarding how the Twistex team was killed was accurate. It is fairly safe to say, that Mr. Samaras, his son, and Mr. Carl Young, sustained injuries when the sub-vortex of the El Reno storm directly impacted their vehicle on Reuters Road, west of the intersection with Radio Road. I also think that storm chasing is not necessarily a bad idea, of course it has its risks but imagine the benefits we could reap if we understood these monsters enough to harness the energy they release rather than letting it do nothing but cause a mess. The three had no chance, said Tim Samaras brother, Jim. The people could be driving for many unattributed reasons. Since I wrote this post, I've received many emails telling me that the premise is wrong, that traffic from too many storm chases did not contribute to the death of Samaras and others. In other words, it is now probably legal and appropriate for police or fire departments to close off roads or direct traffic or tell people not to drive in a particular area where there is currently a major fire, explosion, storm devastation, and so on. When the storm passed between El Reno and Yukon, it barreled right down Interstate 40 for more than two miles, ripping billboards down to twisted metal frames. It seems to me that we should be collecting equivalent data from storms that do and storms that do not drop tornadoes, because, after all, one of the things we want to know more about is the difference between those two types of storms. On one hand, there's a robust set of predictions for what the behavioral motion of these bodies ought to be, while on the other there's what we actually observe. >>> I support this 100%. After seeing last month's tornado also turn homes into piles of splintered rubble, Ms Black said she decided to try and outrun the tornado when she learned her southwest Oklahoma City home was in harm's way. In the future I will be blogging at Greg Laden's blog, located at its original home at The National Weather Service said the severe weather threat would shift into neighboring Illinois and Missouri, where Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency on Friday. Making a law which makes it illegal to chase storms will make it practically impossible to get enough data to understand tornadoes. Enforcement is difficult, but not impossible. Also we MUST push for adqueate shelters. There are some similarities to people doing volcano research, in that people doing it know they have a high risk of death if they happen to be on duty when the eruption occurs. I could not agree more with the statement in this article saying that driving away is not the best option. ', Danger: A series of violent storms and tornadoes have killed nine people as they swept through Oklahoma City and its suburbs on Friday, Damage: People survey the damage at the Canadian Valley Technology Center's El Reno Campus after it was hit by a powerful tornado on Friday, Crash: An airplane from the Aviation Technology department lies upside down on the lawn at Canadian Valley Technology Center in El Reno. 'What we saw from the tornadoes that came through Moore and the other ones last week was that people who were in cars on the Interstate were killed,' Fallin told CNN. In many cases, a law is unenforceable at face value, but when something goes wrong it suddenly becomes part of the equation. Same is true for Safety officials and storm chasers and officil spotters doing their jobs. Three veteran storm chasers were among the 10 people killed, Dallas Area Storms Cause Power Transformer To Explode. I'm not saying I agree with it, but this is not something he suddenly started doing. Police urged motorists to leave the crosstown Interstate 40 and seek a safe place. Belongings: A woman finds personal photos for a neighbor from the remains of her home destroyed by violent thunderstorms across the Midwest, Ruins: People walk near cars and trees damaged by a tornado at the Canadian Valley Technology Center in El Reno, Oklahoma on Saturday morning. Take your time.'. I will not comment at all in regardess to the death of Tim, Carl, or Paul, as they were close personal friends of mine and I am not reading to speak on that subject currently. Friday night's storm formed out on the prairie west of Oklahoma City, giving residents plenty of advance notice. Tim Samaras, a native of Lakewood, Colo., holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest pressure drop ever measured inside a tornado. "

, The 'extreme cruelty' around the global trade in frog legs, What does cancer smell like? This is a free country, or at least we want it to be a free country, and being able to freely travel on public thoroughfares is part of that. Getting into a ditch can apparently also be fatal. Either prospect is equally remarkable. Apply that technology to license plates instead of faces. local news and culture, Brantley Hargrove At the end of the day, he wanted to save lives and he gave the ultimate sacrifice for that," Jim Samaras said. If you must call out Mike Morgan, then you must also call out Marc Dillard and Reed Timmer from KFOR for also suggesting people drive south. Most new laws seem to be rehashes of existing laws that can be adapted. I'm one state north from tornado alley, and I can't imagine anyone from my state saying that it's okay to drive during a tornado alert. I had spotty phone connection with my husband watching TV in Kansas City, and my sister watching from Edmond, OK. Just as it was coming toward us, it turned south. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., said it believed the deaths were the first time scientific researchers were killed while chasing tornadoes. A total of five tornadoes struck the Oklahoma City metro area, the National Weather Service said. There's no wiggle room. category. Shooting tournament: People search a field for guns near a destroyed RV at a state shooting tournament that was destroyed in El Reno, Weapons displaced: Shotguns recovered from a field lay against a overturned trailor at a state shooting tournament that was destroyed in El Reno, Devastation: When the storm passed between El Reno and Yukon, it barreled right down Interstate 40 for more than two miles, ripping billboards down to twisted metal frames. They did not discuss the details but I would suspect you would want a helmet that comes down to the jaw line, which sort of eliminates a lot of bicycle helmets, although likely the bike helmet is better than a bare head. Here's the before photo, of Mr. Samaras' car. A small tornado in Kansas, photographed during Tim Samaras's lightning expedition in August 2009. Academic Postmortem of Tornado that Killed Tim Samaras Is Chilling Brantley Hargrove October 1, 2013 1:50PM The American Meteorological Society has released a preliminary version of its. Or, amateurs could get to a good viewing area well ahead of anticipated severe weather, and then stay put and off the road. Hopefully, that lesson will be learned immediately. You have to sensor the state. I hope that newscasters are better informed about the advice they should give and that this tragedy is never repeated. Thus the bigger the projectile you will make, the worse the fine. would have made the storm hard to recognize up close. Well before Oklahoma's first thunderstorms fired up at late afternoon, the Storm Prediction Center in Norman was already forecasting a violent evening. I think it's exactly as you said; these are bona fide emergencies and thus are precisely the situations that they should already be empowered to act in. One of Earth's loneliest volcanoes holds an extraordinary secret. Oklahoma is a severe convective weather 'bulls-eye' and always will be. At the end of the day this is just a silly notion. " Any house would have been completely swept clean on the foundation. Oklahoma schools are not properly educated on how to shelter children. Samaras submitted this footage to National Geographic in the weeks leading up to his death,. A storm chaser who heeded the bad feeling in his gut and decided to hang back that day told me the tornado was "designed to kill storm chasers." He attempted to take his own life and spent several days in intensive care before ultimately succumbing to his injuries. I doubt that it would even have a measurable positive effect. I've been reading Jeff Masters' blog regularly. This is nothing new, and this really has nothing to do with someone on television telling them to do so. The majority of schools are built from concrete blocks that are not reinforced. One simple idea was to have either a hard hat or some sort of hard shell helmet to wear. :) Tim Samaras was found inside his car with his seat belt still on. Thacker, as you might recall, wrote a highly biased article with Charles, Every timeyou follow the motion of a spacecraft, moon, planet or other object through the Solar System, you're putting the theory of gravity to the test. Police have a hard enough time now dealing with emergencies, the last thing they have time to do is stop to write tickets. It would have been a major problem. You do raise many good points about how such a law would be implemented, and some I can thing of answers to, some not so easily. Public safety workers already enjoy wide latitude in the execution of their jobs. As you come closer to a cloud you don't get something smooth, but irregularities at a smaller scale." Also, there are nearly no public shelters anymore, due to liability issues. That is a real problem and has increased over time. Samaras was killed along with his son Paul and storm chaser Carl Young in Friday's tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma.

An engineer by training, Samaras was known for devising instruments that offered the first views inside live tornadoes. You can read the preliminary version here. The tornado was unpredictable. His website Twistex has been integral to understanding how tornadoes work and improving warning times for those living in Tornado Alley. There are too many chasers/gawkers on the road these days.get use to it and prepare for it. This is not about them, it is about their death, which at the time it happened, was claimed to have been caused by a traffic jam caused, in turn, by thrill seekers jamming the roads, and thrill seekers jamming the roads is a thing that happens. We have strong public service announcements for months before and during fire season about making a fire safety plan for your household and how to listen for public safety messages on high fire risk days - and those announcements for the duration of the fire are very cautious about advising people to get away only if it is safe to do so. The update from the National Weather Service means the Oklahoma City area has seen two of the extremely rare EF5 tornadoes in only 11 days. Samaras, a tornado scientist for over 25 years, founded and ran a scientific field research program dubbed TWISTEX (Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in Tornadoes EXperiment). Storm chasing is definitely in the "Don't try this at home, kids!" This spring's tornado season got a late start, with unusually cool weather keeping funnel clouds at bay until mid-May. When does spring start? The American Meteorological Society has released a preliminary version of its after-action report on the El Reno, Oklahoma, tornado, which killed noted storm chaser Tim Samaras, his son Paul and chase partner Carl Young. Flood waters up to 4ft deep hampered rescue attempts and frequent lightning roiled the skies well after the main threat had passed to the east. These conditions being a tornado being the widest in history (with only one other tornado in recorded history coming close to the same size) and the abnormal path the tornado took. That's two more vehicles going into the danger zone. I think one suggestion if such a law could ever be enforced to weed out the average thrill seeker is maybe require one, a first aid type certification. Skip Talbot did an excellent analysis and can easily be found on youtube. Tim Samaras Cause of death Tornado incident Known for Tornado field research Spouse(s) Kathy Samaras. Ironic how his own community of chasers would throw him to the wolves but won't put themselves in that category. A new law or regulation merely needs to specify that tornado-related disasters that have not happened yet (because the tornado hasnt formed or has not yet arrived) can be considered in this public safety action. 'We were very concerned this would move into downtown. IRS used taxpayer money to fund $4M conference with free d Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts placed on paid leave, What's next for Buster Murdaugh after dad's murder conviction, life sentence, Buster Murdaugh got 'very drunk' with dad 2 months after mom, brother murdered: source, Prince Harry was scared to lose Meghan Markle after fight that led to therapy, Prince Harry says psychedelics are fundamental part of his life, Inside Scheana Shay, Raquel Leviss heated confrontation about Tom Sandoval affair, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant allegedly flashes gun at a strip club, Tom Sizemore And The Dangerous Burden of Desperation, Kellyanne Conway and George Conway to divorce. All rights reserved. It almost stopped, then went East. Tim was a couple of miles south of interstate. Samaras' Chevy Cobalt was traveling east down a dirt road with the tornado to his south. Regarding emotional tragedy and responding to the thing that caused the emotional strategy, no, you've got that wrong. Pay attention to what he says. On the other hand, it means they are intentionally bringing civilians into the danger zone, and these civilians don't always know how to react if the situation gets out of hand. This one didn't. North Atlantic hurricanes sometimes do unexpected things as well, such as acquire a forward speed of nearly 100 km/h (the 1938 "Long Island Express" hurricane) or cross Florida twice (I'm forgetting which of the hurricanes in the last ten years did this). It would have taken out everything. But a law or explicit regulation, or even a well publicized set of best practices in the interest of public safety, might make the point that needs to be made, thus discouraging people from making decisions that endanger others. Tim Samaras of Storm Chasers 5 7 (1.70 m) Born November 12, 1957 Lakewood, Colorado, USA Died May 31, 2013 El Reno, Oklahoma, USA (tornado) Spouse Kathy Samaras? Storm chaser Tim Samaras died Friday doing the work that made him so well-known: following tornadoes. Pete, Born: I think this is a difficult question. I did not make the argument that storm chasers cause cars to fly through the air and hurt people (though that could happen) I made the argument that amateurs who are just out to see the tornado jam traffic this is not something I've discovered, it is something that professional storm chasers have claimed to be true. Will Rogers World Airport was evacuated as Oklahoma City braced for the tornado, that was moving at 40mph. [sic] I look at it that he is in the 'big tornado in the sky'. With all due respect, Mr. Laden's article suggesting outlawing or making storm chasing illegal and only permissible for the "authorities" is a typical misguided response after a emotional tragedy. Yes, chaser convergance has been a huge problem over the last few years. The reason that is bad advice is very simple. For example, most storm chasers are individuals or small teams, and they benefit with direct contacts with actual tornadoes, and often fund their work this way as they sell their video to news outlets. I'm not saying these circumstances are sensible or humane, but they are the case nonetheless. There was just no place to go. Chasing Tornado's. A Carrollton High School Claims Employee Gave Student Prescription Drugs, Rep. Nate Schatzline, Under Fire for 'Drag' Video, Accused of 'Doxxing' Keller ISD Mom, Another Carrollton Fentanyl Arrest and an On-Campus Overdose at R.L. Paul (1925-2005) was a photographer and model . There is a great irony to the deaths of the three storm chasers from Twistex. Your analogy regarding the burning building is wrong as well. The sudden acceleration to NE caught several folks by surprise. A finite resource. Okay, fair enough. Enough said. They can easily cite or arrest anyone they need to, and even temporarily imprison them, without charging them with anything. Also, their data helps us to better understand the dynamics of what happens in tornadoes which can help make safer structures. I doubt it. Following their passion: Storm chasers Tim Samaras (right), his son Paul Samaras (left) and Carl Young (second left) were killed on Friday by a tornado. Take note at 3:09 - that's the edge of the tornado visible in the right side of the frame as it grows to nearly 2.6 miles across - the largest ever recorded. He was killed because an unusual and unprecedented tornado acted in an unpredictable manor and sadly cost him, his son, and chase partner their lives. Bolstering your argument by supposing the dead agree with you indicates how weak your initial argument is. One might argue that if someone wants to drive their car into the path of a tornado they should be allowed to do so because it is a free country. ", In reply to by Danny Caputi (not verified). He will be missed. This tornado was also pretty unique in that the forward speed of the sub vortices in it were at or above 150mph. I've literally sat bumper to bumper with chasers on a five mile strech of road. I appreciate that, it is a good idea. He knew where not to be and in this case the tornado took a clear turn toward them," he said. speaking of high velocity wind, that was the sound of the point flying by Dan L. Spell it out for me, Grant. That's really all I have to say on that issue. Also, read the wikipedia on Tim Samaras for more details, and watch this YouTube video (embedded below as well). Then, when the car is done flipping, it gets flipped again. I've had grown adults that have lived in Oklahoma their entire lives ask me what the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning is. Debris: This aerial photo shows damage in the Rolling Meadow Estates neighborhood on Friday in Broken Arrow, Okla. after a tornado had passed the area, Dangerous: Forecasters warned of a 'particularly dangerous situation,' with ominous language about strong tornadoes and hail the size of grapefruits 4 inches in diameter. Tornadoes do neither. Let me post a reply to many of the above comments and suggestions. Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency. Other professional meteorologists, from The Weather Channel, were injured. The weather service determined that the storm packed winds reaching 295 mph. This storm was erratic and there will be more storms just like it in the future. I have lived in the Oklahoma City area for 37 years and have been professionally chasing storms for the last 18 years. At the time that Samaras, his son, and his colleague, were crushed to death inside their tornado-chasing car, which was apparently rolled by the force of 200-300 mile an hour winds over a. Nooooooooooo!!! The boy and other family members had sought shelter in a drainage ditch. Now they've got cameras that take a picture showing the red light, showing your car going through the red light, and showing the license plate on your car going through the red light. So when an alert is issued the authorities only have a few roads to close, and not much population to evacuate. So in a free country, it is possible to do as you suggest. St. Helens in 1980: some volcano researchers were killed in the eruption, but authorities were successful at keeping most civilians out of the danger zone. - May 31, 2013 (his death) Other works book: "Tornado Hunter: Getting Inside the Most Violent Storms on Earth". The amateur storm chaser who was killed mentioned, in the cell phone conversation he was having with a friend (who was in a safe location and urged the storm chaser to get out of there), two local TV news vans passing him. This is my last post at That would stop several people right there. If out of the many decades that chasers have been in the field only 3 have ever died then I'd say chasing is safer than many other dangerous events. One more thing: at the point the tornado lifted, it was heading more or less directly eastward along I-40 (again, Jeff Masters is my source here). These things will always be unpredicable and its good to hid under the basement steps! Look at that video. This advice sounds reasonable, but it really isnt. Traffic will back up in the places rush hour traffic normally backs up, and some others that usually don't see such backups. Perhaps, the day before tornado-warned storms are expected, you could fly to France, but that is not really an option for most people. This is not an especially enforceable regulation". The season usually starts in March and then ramps up for the next couple of months. 'Use a telephoto lens for gosh sakes. On the other hand, if you calculate its width by how much debris was lofted into the air, we may be talking about a mile and a quarter to nearly two miles in width. Mike Bettes, a member of the Weather Channel Tornado Hunt Team, was driving in his SUV when it was picked up and thrown 200 yards by the monster rain-wrapped tornado near El Reno. You can also shop using Amazon Smile and though you pay nothing more we get a tiny something.

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